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  • How does the site make money?
    So the site makes money from being affiliated with all sites linked to Zerfx
  • What is Zerfx and what do you do?
    Zerfx was setup to help the trading community, gather information about brokers and prop firms to make the life of a trader easier.
  • Why don't you charge a fee to help someone get started in their trading journey?
    I don't have to, when I am helping someone get started in their trading journey the affiliate funds pay for my time to help new traders learn.
  • Do you sell anything?
    Yes, at zerfz we sell just one thing and that is Keirzerfx personal trading strategy.
  • Are the Brokers and Prop Firms legitimate ?
    100% Only companies over the years of my trading are included on All affiliates are also rated highly on Trustpilot.
  • Why was Zerfx setup?
    Zerfx was setup to help as many people begin their trading journey. It now also generates money from affiliate partnerships, creating a passive income.
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